About us

We are the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment. We are the global professional body for 20,000+ individuals and 300+ organisations working, studying or interested in the environment and sustainability.

IEMA’s talent sourcing solutions provide employers with access to its members across the globe. IEMAjobs.net gives you access to a large range of qualified candidates in positions including Emissions Consultants, Environmental Managers, HSE Officers, Pollution Consultants and Ecologists. IEMA members work in sectors such as Policy, Energy, Transportation, Resource & Waste Planning.

This is a growing and evolving profession, and we are committed to supporting, encouraging and improving the confidence and performance as well as the profile and recognition of all environment and sustainability professionals.

We also help and support public and private sector organisations, governments and regulators to do the right thing when it comes to environment and sustainability related initiatives, challenges and opportunities. We work to influence public policy on environment and sustainability matters. We do this by drawing on the insights and experience of our members to ensure that what happens in practice influences the development of government policy, legislation, regulations and standards.

We are the professional organisation at the centre of the sustainability agenda, connecting business and individuals across industries, sectors and borders.